I’m finally in Glasgow, Scotland. And given the close distance between The Trossachs National Park and my new home city, there’s possibly no better first trip than exploring the beautiful landscapes of this country.


Last weekend, Veronika and I therefore visited the national park mentioned above and we saw the biggest lake of Scotland, Loch Lomond. It was very quiet in the morning and the weather got really sunny throughout the day – Veronika even went for a swim in the afternoon.


While Veronika really just wanted to chill by the lake and read books, I thought it would be awesome if we climbed some hill and enjoyed some great view from above. I naively imagined easily reaching the peak of the closest hill, sitting there and having the best time ever. Well, wrong. Obviously.

First of all, we couldn’t find the right way leading to the hill and so we kept going alongside the highway for like fifteen minutes, just to reach a house which I thought would be a good starting point because there was a path leading to the hill – however, a man told us we had just entered his private garden. Oops. Then he said we could jump across the fence and try to go up and get to the actual path for normal people. Well, we did jump across the fence. And Veronika ripped her pants because the fence was actually a wire. She got stuck in there and as I was trying to rescue her, I was laughing my ass off while the man was watching us, totally confused.

Not to mention that I literally said: “Trust me, you will not regret this” a minute just before that happened. Oh well. My friends are so lucky to have me.

But then we saw all of these beautiful things!


And then we actually did chill by the lake all afternoon, so we were both happy in the end. Yay!

This was my first trip to The Trossachs National Park but to be honest, I will definitely come back and explore the park more properly. I would love to do some wild camping there one day and just really climb some mountains and enjoy the Scottish nature; because it’s so astonishingly beautiful.


Oh, and some man was playing the bagpipes for a very long time and I totally loved it. Because bagpipes are great. And Scotland is great. And then we almost missed our bus because we were standing at the wrong bus stop, but that’s just us. Awkward people who can’t deal with the real world. Which I’m not even ashamed for because at least we have a lot of fun all the time, laughing because of our flops and fails.

Have you ever been to Loch Lomond? And have you ever ripped your pants while trying to be a cool adventurer? Because I’m hella sure we’re not the only ones!

Thanks for reading, I hope you find this at least a bit relatable. And if you ever come to Scotland, I definitely recommend visiting Loch Lomond.

Have a beautiful day.


Denisa x

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