These are my last Czech diaries since this was the last month I spent in the Czech Republic. I am already writing this post in Glasgow, Scotland.

June has been a great month full of reading books, relaxing after exams, saying goodbye to everyone, moving to the UK and being endlessly happy because my dream came finally true after 6 years of waiting. I’ve really enjoyed this month and I think I’ve gained lots of energy which I’m going to need now for my new job, my new school and basically my new life, really. To be honest, I am afraid of some particular things – but all in all I just feel very excited and happy.


Many people were asking me where I was moving to – and some couldn’t hide their surprise when they heard ‘Scotland’. Many of them told me they wouldn’t be able to do this, to move to a country so far away and leave so many things behind. Some said it had to be very stressful for me, getting ready for a new life in a foreign country and going through the whole process of moving. But to be honest? It didn’t really make me nervous, just very excited. I think that might be because:

  1. I love travelling.
  2. I like change.
  3. I already lived in the UK for 2 months 2 years ago and I also went to Indonesia last year, therefore I kind of got used to this feeling of insecurity and to this stepping into the unknown, I guess?
  4. I’ve wanted this for such a long time that my excitement clouds everything else.

But I need to point out that I got a slight panic attack at the airport in the duty free zone. I suppose that was actually the first time I fully realised what situation I was getting myself into. I had to breathe deeply and I was trembling for quite a long time; until it finally passed. And I remember thinking to myself: “This is fu*king crazy, what are you even doing, that’s just crazy, what the actual fu*k.”

Yes. This whole situation IS a bit crazy; and very scary as well. However, now I’m looking out of the window in my new room which I will be sharing with my best friend in July and I honestly feel a really good sense of achievement and happiness.

I’ve also bought myself a personal domain on WordPress and I’ve changed the name from I FEEL THEREFORE I AM to THE WOMAN ON EARTH since I think it describes the content better. Yay!




I started bullet journaling this month because I really enjoy being organised (although there are times when I just feel like crap and life seems to pass me by without anything getting done – but I sincerely hate that) and bullet journals are a great way of keeping your life together and actually doing some progress in those areas you want to improve in. It’s a notebook that includes my year resolutions, monthly goals, books I’ve read, things I need to do on certain days, a habit tracker, contacts, my dreams etc. and I love that because it actually shows you your own life in a different light and it allows you to change it on purpose and see the results. My favourite section so far is my habit tracker.



Source: https://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/token-interior-4

Knitting is amazing. I used to knit when I was 14 years old and I enjoyed it very much – so I happily took up knitting again after my exams. I find it relaxing and also very addictive. My goal is to be able to knit myself a sweater one day so let’s see how that goes!



Source: https://hipertextual.com/2015/03/yo-creci-con-terry-pratchett

I’m reading the second book of The Discworld right now – The Light Fantastic. And I must say it is at least just as good as the first book. Terry Pratchett is so funny and imaginative. Everything about his world feels magical and absurd and clever and awesome at the same time. This fantasy series just really matches the actual word ‘fantasy’ as it’s so fantastic and strange. And great, of course.



Source: http://www.ctwpl.info/print_entry.asp?counter=12968

I’ve started learning Spanish this month and it has been great so far. I really like the vibe of the language, it’s directness and pronunciation. I also find it easy to understand how Spanish works since I already know French and the grammar structures are almost the same. The plan is to be on level B1 by next year just by self-studying and maybe some occasional lessons on iTalki. This makes me very excited as it’s a project of my own which is actually going to show me how good I am in learning a language by myself in a fast and useful way. Fingers crossed!



Even though I am happy about moving to Scotland for uni, I know I will miss my high school friends. They were my family for 4 years and I spent most of my high school life with them. I’m sure you know the feeling when you’re in a classroom with some people 5 days a week for 4 years and you actually get used to their presence so much that you kind of take it for granted as they are always there and they’re not going anywhere. But then they actually go. And their absence is the definite proof of your life being totally changed. Which I think is going to make me sad at times.

(Also, what the heck is wrong with my jumper, I look like I’ve got rocks stuffed in my pockets or something.)



Today a miracle happened – we were in Poundland with Veronika and we saw bags with HP houses on them! 1 pound each! I love these sorts of bags as they’re great for grocery shopping and hanging out. And now I’ve got a Ravenclaw one. ❤

So these are my June favourites. And now July in my new home!

How was your June? Did you enjoy the sunny weather (because I sure did)?


Denisa x





Dear Most

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  1. nerdoverseas says:

    I can’t believe these are the last Czech diaries – it has been going on for so long that I gotten used to it by now and I will miss it!
    Good luck in Scotland (with me and especially without me haha) and remember, Hufflepuff is the best.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Denisa says:

      Thanks! Don’t worry, we’ll have Glasgow Diaries from now on. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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