Dear Most

Dear Town,

it’s time to say farewell. Adieu. Sbohem.


Dear M,

it’s time for us to part. Our relationship was never perfect. Was never meant to be.


Dear O,

it’s time we break up. And never come back together. Except for an occasional visit.


Dear S,

I have hated you for most of my life. I have cried. Many times. You were my prison. My punishment for a crime I did not commit. I remember falling asleep and praying I could finally leave you. Shut the door. Throw away the key. Breathe deeply, smile and start running away, far away into the unknown, far away – from you.


Dear T,

you have given birth to me. You have raised me. Shaped me. Made me the person I am today. You have made me detest you; and love you in those moments when I found happiness in you. Eternal happiness in infinite moments of past, returning to me in orange flashes and repeating themselves forever. Never to be changed. Always to be the same – and beautiful.


Dear M O S T,

I cannot lie – I cannot wait to finally leave. This is what you’ve seen and heard me wishing for throughout all those years. My silent nightly prayers. And loud daily ones, staring out of the window right at your railway – and then your castle. That castle has been watching over me for 19 years. It has seen me grow up. And it will see me leave.


And come back. To visit. Once in a while.


My Dear Town,

I will never live in you again. But I will always love coming back. Seeing you change for the better. Because I believe you will. You will change thanks to all of those amazing people whom I’ve met only – again – thanks to you. You have gathered us at one place and made us find each other. And I will always be grateful for having all of them in my life. And I will always appreciate them for staying with you; for helping you become a better place. You deserve it. Back then they destroyed you. They blew you up and all they gave you was a reputation of one of the ugliest towns in the country. 


But you know what?

I was born here. I grew up here. I lived here for my whole life. And you might be the ugliest town ever – but I will always love you. Because for me, there are so many beautiful things about you. Places, people, memories.


Even though I feel like moving to the UK means coming back home, it also means leaving one.

Leaving Most, which was and always will be my first home. I will never forget.

Thank you. For everything.


Denisa x

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