Since I’m moving to Britain in a week, I thought it’d be great to write down some things I love about my home country. The truth is, I’ve never felt as I’ve belonged here; and I’ve always dreamed about going away. I’ve never actually wanted to stay here, even as a child.

But I believe there are always some things to appreciate and miss when you’re gone. Which is why I’m writing this post right now.

What will I miss about the Czech Republic?


This might be a weird thing to start with, however, when I was in Brighton two years ago I truly missed our bread, rolls and buns. In the UK there are mostly toasts or baguettes and I remember craving our Czech bread:


And also our rolls:


If you don’t have them in your country, these are just simple rolls with nothing special inside of them and they are usually eaten with some butter or spread on top; or you can also cut them in the middle and eat them like a baguette. There is this very common ‘dish’ in the CR, which is called ‘párek v rohlíku’ and it literally means ‘a sausage in a roll’. It’s like hot dog but we actually make a long hole into the roll by using a wooden cooking spoon and we put a sausage with ketchup or mustard into the hole. And then we eat it.

párek v orhlíku plocha

I’ll truly miss our rolls with my whole heart.

We also have these buns which are not in the UK either (I think):



Speaking of food, Kofola is a Czech version of Coke and it’s the best drink ever. Okay, maybe not the best one ever, but it’s so much better than Coke.



Come to think of it, I also love our water. Not in the whole Czech Republic but in our region Ústecký there is really good water – it tastes well and it doesn’t cause any trouble regarding kettles etc. In Brighton we had to filter everything – I never do that at home. You can just drink straight from the tap.



I’ve noticed that most of the anthems out there are quite agressive. They’re about battle victories and defending their country against enemies and so on. They’re also quite majestic and very strong (if music can be strong, hah). Not ours, however. Our anthem is about how much we love our country, especially our nature, and that it’s our home. Which I find lovely.


Czech is a very difficult language. I think of this as a huge advantage for Czechs since learning other languages might be much easier for us than for other nations. It certainly is for me. Although learning a language is still tough, of course, the grammar rules are quite easy for me to understand and I always find them easier than Czech grammar. Czech also has diverse vocabulary and we can play with our words more than for example Romance languages. I really do love Czech.



I can not really specifically name the type of music I mean. It’s the type of songs that remind you of forests after rainy days; of mountains in autumn; of Moravia, which is the most beautiful part of the Czech Republic (Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia). And this song is just the perfect example:


Our country is sometimes called the heart of Europe. We are in the middle between Western and Eastern Europe – that’s why some Czechs are so cross when somebody calls our country Eastern. Vienna is actually more Eastern than Prague is. But I personally don’t really care if we’re in the east, in the west or in the middle. I just really like where we are. Everything is quite close. You can go to Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Italia, France, Switzerland or any other place really and it doesn’t take much time. So our location is very travel-friendly.



What I love about the Czech Republic (and the whole Europe, really) is that there is so much history. It’s normal to ride in a car, look out of the window and see a hill with a castle on it. That’s just beautiful.






Czech nature is quite diverse, which offers many opportunities for many trips, occasions or sport activities. There are mountains almost all around our borders and given how small our country is, it’s never difficult to go skiing in the winter. That’s why our ski resorts are always overcrowded – because almost everyone in the Czech Republic goes skiing. In the summer, on the other hand, the weather gets really hot and even though there’s no sea, we still have many rivers and lakes. There are 4 national parks:

Ales Jecmen - Ceske Svycarsko - Pravcicka brana

České Švýcarsko


Krkonoše and our highest mountain – Sněžka






Everyone knows that if you want to get drunk for cheap, you should definitely visit Czechia. Our beer is cheaper than our water. Even though I don’t go to pubs very often, I’ll still miss having the possibility to get drunk while not paying much.


So those are the things I love about my country. When it comes to literature, I’m not particularly fond of it, to be honest – most of it seems to be very… rural. It’s not my cup of tea. At all. However, there are some good authors – Karel Čapek, for instance, the author of R.U.R. who invented the word Robot. I also like Ladislav Klíma – a Czech philosopher, Milan Kundera (The Unbearable Lightness of Being is my favourite) who lives in France and Kateřina Tučková regarding nowadays literature (she wrote for example The Žítková Goddesses).


All in all, there are many things I don’t like about my country – but there are also some things I find great about Czechia. And I’m sure there will be time when I’ll miss this place. If you ever wonder about going to the Czech Republic, don’t hesitate and go – it’s definitely worth exploring. And Prague is beautiful.


Denisa x

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  1. nerdoverseas says:

    Oh my god, how I miss Czech baked goods! It’s honestly the best part about our country, isn’t it? I mean, I do love me some toasted bread with butter that I can get in the UK but NOTHING compares to those delicious buns and rolls!

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