I admit it’s quite late to write about a trip I went on in November, but it would be a shame not to mention it.


This was my second solo-trip (the first one was a small trip to Mariánské Lázně) and I must say it was great. I took a very early train in the morning, arrived in Vienna after noon and went back an hour before midnight. This means that I didn’t spend a very long time in there, however, I think I saw lots of things and I really enjoyed it (also, I strongly recommend you to take a book with you wherever you go, especially if it’s a solo trip – I never read as much as when I’m on a train).

First of all, I walked through the centre to see what’s there. The first thing that hits you when you walk out of the underground is St. Stephen’s Cathedral.


It is a magnificent building – like every other building in Vienna, frankly. I had never been to a city full of such enormous majestic buildings before. Everything in Vienna looks like it’s laughing at your nothingness, everything stretches high into the sky and makes you feel so little.

The streets are cosy and pretty, the atmosphere is nice (except for the constant clip-cloping of horses dragging the carriages, I hate that).

Another monument that’s very well-known is Hofburg.





I agree.


This door made me feel like I went back in time.

Next, I went to see the Schönbrunn Palace, which was the seat of Mother Theresa, Josef II. and the Habsburk Monarchy.






You can never have enough ducks (or whatever this is, looks like a seagull to me).


Unfortunately, it got dark at about 5 P.M. and so even though I took the tram on Ringstraße, I couldn’t take any proper pictures. Then I returned to the St. Stephen’s Cathedral and headed to the railway station.


Although it was short, it was definitely worth it. Vienna is truly magnificent and it’s beautiful to see it in its whole glory.

Denisa x

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