I love Pride. Many people in the Czech Republic are so furious and hateful when it comes to this celebration and it makes me a bit sad that they feel this way. They see Pride as the weird party with gays in leather costumes and they just think it’s very obscene and offending. But to me, Pride is something completely different.


I see Pride as the celebration of Love. Every kind of Love. It’s about the freedom of choosing whom we want to love without receiving hateful and disrespecting looks from others. It’s about tolerance, but also about respect – because there is a huge difference between these two things.

Some people say:

“I don’t have problems with gays. They just don’t have to do it in the public.”

But that is the ultimate problem that these people obviously do have. They say they tolerate homo/bi/tran/sexuality, but they actually don’t respect it. Tolerance is about being alright with something we don’t really like or agree with.

But why on earth wouldn’t we agree with the fact that two people love each other? When I see two gay people holding hands, to me, it’s completely the same as if I saw a man and a woman doing it. It’s normal. It’s Love. And that’s all I care about.


Why would Love be bad? Why would it be unnatural? These people were born this way. It’s not their fault that they’re attracted to somebody of their own gender. And in fact, most of us are bisexuals – maybe we just haven’t met the right person of our own gender yet. There are very few people who are completely straight or completely gay.


In my view, the ability to produce children together doesn’t neccesarily mean Love. It’s only a reproduction, after all. But Love and attraction are affected by the mental side so much.

I love my mum, I love my friends, I love myself, I love my ex-boyfriend and I will love my future partner. And all of these types of Love are very different, yet very beautiful. And most of all, it doesn’t matter what gender those people are. LOVE IS LOVE.


My first Pride ever was in Brighton last year. It was something incredible. All those colours, all those happy and loving people. Everybody smiled at me that day, I swear. Everybody was so cheerful and friendly. It was an amazing atmosphere, it was Unity.


Another thing I adore about Pride are those colours – I can wear this amazing boa and be colourful as hell and nobody stares as if I came from the Lazy Town (not that I don’t dress in a weird way on daily basis, uhm…)

IMG-20160806-WA0014 - kopie

This year, my friends and I attended the Prague Pride. It wasn’t as big and epic as that one in Brighton, but it had its advantages – we could immediately become a part of the march, dance to the songs and follow other people across the streets of Prague. That wasn’t so easy in Brighton, as that march was freaking freaking long and ordinary people weren’t really joining in, instead they were just looking and cheering (although that was amazing as well).


Before the beggining, there was a man talking about Jesus and homosexuality being sinister.


People were mostly just laughing at him, kissing in front of him and taking pictures. They also tried to argue but he didn’t really listen. To be honest, I felt very sorry for him. He was saying that homosexuality wasn’t normal, blah blah, that homosexuality wasn’t Love.

But I choose to disagree, and so does this amazing lady.


I haven’t read the Bible yet, but I think that the main purpose of that book is to spread Love, isn’t it?

Love, acceptance and respect. As Václav Havel said:

“Truth and love must prevail over lies and hatred.”

And it will. But not if we don’t fight for it.

It would be amazing if Pride was a useless festival, as some people say, because it would mean that we have won, that we are beyond hatred and disrespect, that we accept Love as it is and that we spread it.

However, that is not the case. Not yet.


Denisa x

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  1. mały świat Piotrka says:

    Thank you for this post very much 😉 In Poland we have homophobia and people(mainly old generation, but not only. sometimes young pseudo patriotic or pseudo catholic people) thinks lgbt is not love, is disgusting, is awful and more things like this or worst… But year to year i see more open minded people and more positivity changes. For example. Robert Biedroń is gay, he has partner, he is writing book and he is Słupsk(this is Poland city) president. Many, many people really like or love him 🙂
    Personally i’m bisexual. In my family only my Mum know this. Because most people at my family hate lgbt people :/ But i have open minded and tolerant friends.

    Anyway… i’m go to sleep so i have wish you good thursday ^^

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    1. Thank your for your comment. Yes, it’s very difficult in Czechia as well. But we must hope that it will slowly change. 🙂

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