This article contains no photos because of technical problems.


The loud horning of cars at eleven P.M., people rushing across the streets, the elegance of tall Parisian ladies and the craziness of eccentric French people all at once. That is what Paris looked like to my 15-year old me (is it 4 years already?!) the first time I was there – and the only time, eer… so far!


The photos suck because I didn’t have a camera back then, but weell, it doesn’t really matter, there’s just me on most of them anyway. I was really into taking lots of photos of myself at that time (ups) and so before we begin, I must apologize – this is more of a diary post than a real guide through Paris or something of that matter.


Me posing in front of Montmartre. Do you also love the French movie Amelie so much?


In such a young age… hah, that wasn’t funny, I’m sorry (but I think we should appreciate the innocent look on my face, as if I was standing in front of a Disney castle).


Me trying to look like I’m having the time of my life in front of Louvre, while my mum’s picking her teeth and ruining my photo. This happens every. Damn. Time.



That painting is SO much smaller than I had imagined (maybe I should stop picturing things so much and then I wouldn’t be so disappointed…but it still IS QUITE SMALL).


Aaand the Eiffel Tower! But take a look at that person in a blue jacket in the right corner of the photo… I find it quite hilarious.


Me. Again.


Not me! Instead, it’s my dad trying to be funny.


Pouting and feeding pigeons next to a bin. What a lovely day!


Laffayette aka you’retoopoor mall


I like this guy.


I LOVED THIS. Look at me, enjoying it, feeling like I’m on a real horse. I would do this over and over again, it was so much fun!



Next time I’m in Paris, I’ll make sure to capture the city and interesting things more than myself. And also I couldn’t speak French at all when I was there so next time I’ll have the chance to parler en français more.

Paris was so lovely, so old-fashioned and vintage. I can’t wait to visit the city again!


Denisa x


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