There are times when I get obssesed with things. First it’s the Big Bang Theory, then it’s the Harry Potter books again, then it’s Naruto… and what happens during these times is that I cannot stop thinking about it. Or talking about it. Or living just for that single addiction (which is not bad if you don’t do it too much or too often).

And what I get everytime is the terrible feeling in my belly, the urge to spread my obssesion into the world, the urge to share it with everyone around me. But when I do, it usually ends up with disappointement.

I have schoolmates. And I have some friends among them. But the thing is that all of my friends (except for one, Veronika – who lives in Scotland during the school year, so I don’t get to see her) are so different than I am. And having friends who aren’t the same as me is quite fun sometimes as it’s at least full of differences and variety. But most of the time it just sucks.

We always have some things in common (like school, haha) and that’s what we talk about most often. But then, when somebody starts talking about his hobbies and problems, the others eventually stop listening. And that is what bothers me so much.

I sometimes feel like my friends don’t really give a sh*t about me (which sounds like such a self-pity, ups). But I think it’s not that they don’t care about me – they just don’t care about the same things as I do. And so there is not a proper way of sharing that passion together. Sometimes when I start talking about the things I love, my friends sigh and somehow tell me that it’s annoying. I know that it might be, but when I’m obssesed with something, I just need to share it because I adore sharing my passions with others. But the others don’t care and so I spend the whole day thinking about my obssesion and trying to keep it under the surface, trying to shut up (and eventually starting to be pissed at them, ups again).

This is when the social media part comes. If you browse the internet, you always find some group chat or some websites where you can find ACTUAL PEOPLE who ACTUALLY CARE about the SAME THINGS as YOU DO. While reading Naruto theories and discussions on Quora, I always get so relaxed and so happy as the urge I’ve been feeling all day can finally come out. People on social media make me feel like I’m not alone in the world, like I’m not the only one who loves that series/sitcom/anime/whatever and what is the greatest thing of all, I can share my passion with others. It’s true that sharing that passion is always better in person but since everyone around you doesn’t care, the social media comes in handy.

Also, you can make your classmates happy by not annoying them with the same thing for 2965th time because you have the chance to share it with someone else (although I’d still rather share it with them, but weeell… the world is not perfect, is it?).

There are many things that I don’t like about the internet and social media but for now, let me just say that I adore it for having the chance to meet other people who have the same hobbies and obssesions as I do. And I don’t even have to get in touch with them – reading their posts or comments is enough for me to know that I’m not alone in this.

Denisa x

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