„Men always want sex.“

„Women are the more emotional ones.“

„Men are stupid and think only about football/other sports.“

„Women are annoying because they live for shopping.“

We hear these things every day. It‘s everywhere around us. It’s in the pictures, in the television, some people say such things on daily basis.

While growing up, I used to hear and read so many awful things about men that I eventually started hating them before even dating them (I learnt that not every man is a cheater just a few years ago). My mum (who I love with all my heart, she’s great and everyone does mistakes) kept telling me never to marry.

Also, as I became a teenager, I realised that something was expected of me – it was expected that I would wear make-up and that I would try my best to look beautiful on every occasion, it was expected that I would shave every single hair on my body, it was expected that I would be sweet and cute and submissive.

Girls shouldn’t play with cars and boys shouldn’t play with dolls.

It seems to me like the whole society is making bigger differences between the genders that are actually needed and what is worse, we make these differences annoying for each other.

„Women always come late because it lasts thousands of years for them to get ready.“

„Men are simple and their favourite things are beer, sports and women.“

„Women care so much about their looks, they always need to look attractive and beautiful, their beauty is the priority number one.“

„Men don’t give a sh*t about how they look.“

„Women are hysterical and jealous all the time, they need more love then men and they are paranoid.“

„Men don’t help with cleaning nor cooking, they simply don’t give a sh*t about anything.“

And I’m asking you: Is it really true?

I’ve seen so many pictures about these gender stereotypes on the internet and according to these pictures, I am a man, not a woman. Some of my boy friends are women and not men.

Does it even make sense? I mean, there are some obvious differences between the genders and they should not be ignored – on the contrary, we should cherish them as the world would be a very boring place if everyone was the same.

But why do we generalise everything this much? Every individual si different, let it be a man or a woman. Some people are emotional, some are pragmatic. Some love the Notebook by Nicholas Sparks and some hate it. But this fact doesn’t mean that it’s always the women who love it and the men who hate it.

When it comes to jobs and family matters, we must realise that we don’t live in the past anymore. Before, women used to stay at home, cook and take care of children and men used to work and make money. Today, women make money as well, therefore I don’t see a reason why men shouldn’t help with housework.

I think that we should concentrate more on the individuals than the genders themselves. There are women who adore sex and men who don’t. There are women who love to watch football with a bottle of beer and there are men who would rather read a book. And there are also people who fulfill these gender expectations quite well – some of them have it in their nature and some of them do it because the society expects them to.

Stereotypes are dangerous. They make us anxious about who we are if we don’t properly wear the label we were given when we were born.

Women and men are both beautiful genders, beautiful physical opposites with their own dispositions. But we should be more careful when it comes to the mental part since the inner us isn’t that much influenced by the fact what gender we are.

Women who love fashion are amazing beings. Women who are not interested in fashion at all are amazing beings. Men who love watching sport and going for a beer with their friends are amazing beings. Men who rather cook and watch romantic comedies are amazing beings. We all are.

Our gender doesn’t necessarily determine our personality.

Denisa x

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Marek Volf says:

    The existence of your whole blog itself definitely helps some people to overcome that charming girls as you could be also tremendously soulful. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, thank you so much! I really appreciate this. 🙂


  2. Marek Volf says:

    I watched George Carlin’s speech after time and I think that this fits to this topic and gives some questionable points. Gender prejudice is really bad. But why is it here? Was it initiated by patriarchal culture? If yes, then both genders live in one big masculine stereotype.

    Liked by 1 person

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