Geneva is the capital of the French speaking part of Switzerland and I spent one afternoon in there on our way back from France. Because people speak French in there, I could  still understand what they were saying (although their accent is quite different and so even our teacher of French had some troubles understanding them).


The first discovery I made is that Geneva is not as big as I imagined. At all. I thought it would be a big city with big majestic buildings, I thought the streets would be bigger and the houses higher. But this city is more similar to a small town somewhere in the south. I mean, it’s really lovely – it’s just that it surprised me a lot.

I would like to show you some of the places I’ve been to and I’ve seen. First of all:


Jet d’Eau. This fountain is in the lake of Geneva and it. Is. Enormous. Seriously. It has 140 metres.


A flower clock. This is the biggest clock in the world and it was built in Geneva to pay tribute to their honor of watchmaking. The flowers change depending on the time of the year.


This is the People of Geneva Monument.


The Reformation Wall is located in the Bastions Park and it shows important people and events of the Protestant Reformation. The wall is 100 metres.


This is the Saint Peter’s Cathedral and it can be found in the centre of the city.

And now the rest of the photos!


Well, if I had to choose one city that really did surprise me, it would be Geneva. But it really is lovely in there (and expensive).

Denisa x

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