Our school has been a participant in an Erasmus + project for the last two years. The project is made of three countries – the Czechs (us), the French and the Germans. Last year we went to Wildeshausen in Germany and then Germans and French came to our home town. A week ago, we had a final meeting which took place in France.

Our french friends live in a small town which is called La Roche sur Yon. It’s the capital of a department in the west of France, Vendée. And on one of our days spent in there, we had a chance to visit the Noirmoutier.


Noirmoutier is an island in an atlantic ocean. It’s very close to the shore and there are only two ways of getting to the Noirmoutier island from the continent. One way – a bridge. That is the easier one. The other one (which we took on our way there) is a road that is leading through a part of ground which is flooded most of the time. There are only two certain times during the day when you can use this road because it is not flooded. Once the right time comes, the waves float the ground with the speed of a running horse (at least I was told). We heard that every year, some people use the road during the flood and they end up climbing up pylons (which are placed there just because of these cases) and having their cars sunk.






The island itself is very beautiful. The town is very calm and charming. It is famous for les rosalies, which are waggons that resemble cars a little bit, but not exactly. I’ll show you.


These are my friends and my bag, haha. It was a real fun because our teachers just gave us a rosalie and a map and told us to go to places on the map.

  1. We were riding this thing on real roads with normal cars and buses next to us.
  2. We did not have driving licenses.
  3. We did not know how to use a map.

And so we were supposed to ride for like 5 minutes in order to arrive to the place on this picture. It took us one hour. But it was great fun! We laughed, screamed, almost crashed into big vans (several times), almost died (several times) and finally, we got to see the sea.








It’s a shame I don’t have more photos of the town because it’s also very lovely. Shame on you, Denisa!

If you’re wondering about visiting Noirmoutier or Vendée in general, go for it. I LOVED it in there. Especially les rosalies.

Denisa x

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