Two weeks ago, while I was still in Glasgow, my friends and I decided to go to tla-la-land-2016-movie-posterhe cinema. My friend said she really wanted to see La La Land because she heard it was supposed to be very good. So we went.

To be honest, I didn’t expect much. The trailer was alright but I just thought it would be another typical love story. But this film really DID surprise me. I don’t normally rewatch movies in such a short period of time but today I watched La La Land again and it just convinced me to love it even more. So what’s so good about this film?

              First of 27coverjp1-master675all, I really admire the shooting technique. I’m not a professional but the first thing that I loved about the movie was how well it was shot.

The camera is moving in an interesting way and the selection of the right shots really appealed to me.

The second thing I immediately loved were the costumes and t18laladance1-superjumbo-v2he whole atmosphere. This film is filmed in the 21st century but it felt like the 20th. Everything is full of colours and thanks to the light, the scenes and all those details I felt like this story was from another world. Earlier world.

This whole movie is made in this fairytale style, it’s bright and it’s romantic and it’s cringy in this amazing way when you know it’s supposed to be cringy but you still feel very uncomfortable and you’re not quite sure how to handle your feelings. It’s a cliche love, I’d say, and I feel like this was what the author intended it to be.The important thing about La La Land is that it’s not a love story in the first place. It’s a story about following your dreams. The love line is still very strong, though.

I found thela-la-land-featured-image-gosling-stone plot a little bit too simple, the story was not very complicated or anything, it was similar to many other stories. But what was different in this case is the form of shooting the film and the thought and idea that comes from it in the end.

Because the end… the end is AMAZING. You see, the whole film is made in this very romantic and cliche way. But in the Five years later scene we see that the story didn’t end just the way we wanted. Their dreams came true, yes, but what about their relationship? Why is she with somebody else? And then the parallel universe comes, the universe in which everything always goes just the way we want to, the universe in which love is unbreakable, love is romantic until the end, they lived happily ever after. And then we are back in the reality and we realise that life is not a fairytale, life is not always what we expect and want, life is tough and complicated and also, life is not always about love relatioships. And then we end with the fairytale style The end sign and we leave the cinema and we still need to think about it, think about how strong the meaning of this film is.


And this is why I love La La Land. I haven’t seen a film like this in a very long time and I totally agree with one line that somebody said about it: “They don’t make movies like this anymore.” It’s true, they don’t. The film is creative, artistic, full of ideas and has an amazing meaning. If I weren’t a poor student, I would go to see it again.

Denisa x


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