My best friend Veronika is studying at the University of Glasgow and so I had the chance to visit her for ten days. I bought super cheap tickets with Raynair, they cost me about 30-34 euros to Glasgow AND back.

I really enjoyed it in there, the city is awesome and huge and people are so so nice and polite. I really like that about british people. They always smile at you and ask you how you are, although they are total strangers. That doesn’t happen in the Czech Republic. In our country I’m used to grumpy people bored of life.

I really hope I will get to the University of Glasgow as well because I love the city and the university itself. I’ve taken some photos and I want to share them with you, although there are not many of them, unfortunately. Enjoy!

This is the Kelvingrove gallery near the university. The windows are red in the night, it looks like the house of Dracula, haha.

This is the university! It looks like Hogwarts, right? I know!!

My friend’s favourite place. The place of all the culture events, the bridge between the West side and East side and also the home of BBC Scotland.

Alright, I’m officialy a weirdo who’s taking pictures in the subway. But check out how cute their subway is! They call it Tube and my friend says it’s just the perfect name because it’s so puny. It’s also very easy – the underground is one big cycle around the river Clyde, one half on the West side and another one on the East side. It’s moving in two directions so you have to use either the Outer cycle or the Inner cycle. Easy!


I think that this is awesome.

The centre of Glasgow – Buchanan street and all the way down to St. Enoch.


Benedict, marry me.


It’s not only the university and the Kelvingrove gallery that I find kind of terryfing.. there are also ravens!!


A statue at the Buchanan bus station.


When I left the Czech Republic, there was snow. I came to Scotland in the middle of February and it was already spring in there! It’s not true that it’s colder in the UK than on the continent. Meanwhile we had -16 °C in our country, scottish people were enjoying 10 °C.

I really enjoyed it in Glasgow and I hope I will be able to live there in two years time.

Denisa x

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