I’ve never been a very good spectator when it has come to films. I guess they are just too long for me, sometimes I need a break until I can watch again. But I have this feeling that in 2016 I kind of learnt to actually watch films and I didn’t even need a break most of the time. I consider that as a great accomplishment! And so I have tried to watch many films that had come out this year (okay, I watched nine of them, but that’s just because i couldn’t find them online and I’m too poor to go to the cinema all the time).

I have made a list of all the films I had watched and I have picked 4 of them which I consider as the best ones. So here we go!



This is definitely the best film of 2016 for me. And it’s not just because I’m a huge Potterhead (oh god I freaking am), but it’s also because of the film itself. It’s awesome! Shortly, the plot is about Newt Scamander, who is a wizard bornfantastic-beasts-and-where-to-find-them around 100-150 years (?) before Harry Potter. He goes to New York but we don’t know the real reason at first and he’s searching for new magical creatures, he’s saving them and he’s taking care of them. He’s trying to prove to other wizards and witches that magical creatures are nice and that they should not kill them and be afraid of them (which they all were in that time). But of course, everything gets way too complicated and the story starts to be very gripping.

It’s so magical, there are many cute and beautiful creatures, there are new informations about the world of wizards and witches, the actors are great (I LOVE YOU EDDIE) and the whole movie just has this magical atmosphere which makes you a part of the story and when the film’s over, it leaves you breathless. You leave the cinema and you still have to think about the story, replay it in your head, I was just soo blown away by this film. And the best thing is, I hadn’t expected it to be this good. It was so much better than I had imagined.



Okay, this is just one of the cutest films EVER. The beggining is so cute thfinding_dory_-_key_artat I just literally wanted to die. And then there’s Dory when she was little and I started to melt.The story is about Dory (surprisingly) who got lost when she was very young. Then she found Nemo (as we already know) and now she starts to remember her parents. But she suffers from a memory disorder and so she has to act right here right now, otherwise she would forget them in a while. She decides she wants to find them and so the journey begins. The film is very nice and funny, I really enjoyed it. I guess I have nothing more to say – it’s just really amusing and cute.



Another story for kids! Because I love them! The BFG is a story of a girl named Sophie who lives in an orphanage and she reads her books until very late hours. She’s the_bfg_posterbold and she believes in monsters. One night, a big hand comes through a door which is leading from the kids’ bedroom to the balcony. The hand belongs to a big giant who grabs Sophie and takes her to the giants’ land. Sophie becomes friend with BFG (big friendly giant) and she experiences many adventures with him.

I personally liked this film. BFG is very cute and I liked the relationship between these two. The end is kind of weird and bizarre but.. it’s a fairytale after all.




This film starts with a beautiful shot. The classic disney chateau and then we kind of go away from the chateau, while the jungle appears and we’re there! Ttc97fye_he whole film is beautifully filmed in my opinion. I guess everyone knows the story – and the story doesn’t change. Animals look almost real and that boy is amazing. I really liked this film and I would absolutely recommend it.

SO, I guess I’m all into Disney, huh? Well, what can I say? I just love stories for kids. I must say that I also liked Captain America – the Civil War but it wasn’t as good as these films.

I’ve also seen the Sausage party but I’m still not quite sure what to think about that one. I mean.. it’s surely something that makes you open your mouth and just watch and think “WHAT THE HELL”. But the humour was kinda cheesy and it wasn’t my cup of tea really. Disney movies and Fantastic beasts are 100 times better.

Denisa x

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