Since it’s the first of December today, I’ve decided to write a blog post related to Christmas. Because I LOVE Christmas. I love singing carols, buying presents, wraping them up, I love those beautiful lights that are shining everywhere you look. And I love doing something good.

Every Christmas I try to do some good thing, for example last Christmas, my friend and I bought 12 presents for various people and then we gave it to them secretly, so they didn’t know who it was from. They got a present from their secret Santa and that just made me so so happy.

This Christmas, I’ve decided to make 20 small snowmen from socks, they’re actually kind of cute. And I’m going to sell them for like 1 pound and everything I earn will go to this czech organisation which saves rainforests in Indonesia. Those 20 pounds don’t mean much in the UK but in the Czech Republic, it’s actually a good amount of money. And it will save 1 ar of rainforests, which is 100 x 100 metres I think (really not good in this kind of stuff).


And why do I do it? Because doing these things just makes me so happy. And I think it would make everyone happy, unfortunately many people don’t do it. I think it’s because people like to make excuses like “I have no time”, “I’m busy”, “I have better things to do” and so on. But doing something good for others and not for yourself is really freeing and calming. In fact, it makes me happier than buying some clothes for myself. I know many people don’t believe this because why would I do something when I get no profit from it? But that’s the thing! I really think that when you open yourself to the world, when you give yourself instead of only taking, it makes you happy on a totally new level. And that level feels so much better than the materialistic one.

And why doing this during Christmas? Well, the best thing would be to do it during the whole year, right, but it seems to me that Christmas just have this magical atmosphere and everyone is more open and more willing to do something good.

And so if you love Christmas (and even if you don’t love it!) and you’d like to do something good, just do it. The time is not stopping and all those things you’ve been postponing.. well, they won’t wait. You can do something good for the world, right now and here, so why not do it? You can just donate some small amount of money or be someone’s secret Santa, it doesn’t matter. But it will make someone happy and by that, you will be happy as well. Just do it and see. And remember, kindness and love are always the cure to everything. At least a little bit. Don’t hate, love.

Denisa x

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  1. wondervonnie says:

    I’m loving this post! I am obsessed with kindness and especially during Christmas. Plus I do appreciate that this is one of the few positive posts on your blog (haha, kidding :D). I’m definitely going to do something this year, just have to figure out what… But there’s always something, isn’t there?


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