I wonder. I wonder a lot. That’s what I do most of the time, actually. And lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the human kind in general. The topics that I mainly focus on are global warming, ecological problems, politics, philosophical questions etc. And while thinking about all these things, I’ve realised that I’ve seen one aspect that connected them all. And that is the self-destruction of a human kind.

It’s everywhere I look and it’s in everything I read. People pollute the environment. People kill. People hate each other. And why?

There is a huge tension floating in the air these days. Everything seems to be kind of melting. The European Union. The United States. Icebergs. I don’t know if you can feel it, but I can definitely tell that there are no good days in front of us. It seems to me like the world is standing on an edge and with those current leaders in the front, there is no way turning back. Once I’ve heard one wise man saying that every civilization has to fall one day. It’s the purpose of every civilization to climb up the hill, stand there for a while.. and then fall down. So that other civilization can take its place. It happened to Babylon, it happened to everyone in the history of a human kind. And sadly, our current civilization is standing on that hill. We are no longer climbing up – we have reached the final peak. And now it’s our time to fall. But what I consider the most frightening is that there is supposed to come someone after us – and I think that’s not going to happen. With the dying state of our planet, with the ecological disaster that we’ve made, in my opinion it’s just not possible. When we die, the planet dies with us. And so does the human kind.

I can see two possible endings. 1) The World War III. 2) The destruction of our environment. And maybe these two are going to combine.

I would love to be optimistic about this. Sometimes I picture what the world would look like if people were kind, if people valued life in general, not just their own, if people knew how to live with the nature, not above it. But people always want to rule. We want to be the main ones, we’ve always reached for the higher, for the bigger.

It’s in our nature. We were made to be selfish, we are meant to steal, kill, rape, hate. We also love, that’s true. And that’s the hope. But my mum always says: “There is a very small bridge between love and hate.”

And here comes the questions: Why are we destroying the only place where we can live? Why do we hate each other instead of loving? Why are we rasists, xenofobs, sexists, speciesists?

And my only answer to this: Because we were made to destroy ourselves. Elephants don’t hate. They don’t kill. And lions do kill, but only because they need to eat so they could survive. Every single animal does only those things that it needs for its survival. Every single being. Except for humans. We are more complicated than animals and plants, that’s true. We are more clever than animals and plants, that’s also true. But are these two aspects good? Do we help anything by being clever?

No. No and hundred times no. We’ve invented great and genial weapons. We’ve invented several ways how to destroy the place where we live. We’ve even invented atomic bombs! Wow! We’ve come up with dozens of ways how to kill ourselves and everything around us. That’s what we’ve done. That’s the only thing that we’ve done while dwelling on our planet Earth. I mean, we’ve done a lot. We have come to the point when we can explore the universe, when we can manufacture almost everything, when we can make electronics think. But is even one of these things good for the planet? Are iPhones useful for the way a polar bear lives? Are they useful for our oceans?

Cleverness is not an advantage. We claim that we are on the top of a food chain because we are the most clever of all. But maybe we should focus more on being a part of a circle of life than being on the top of it. But is that even possible?

There is no single being on our planet wishing to die as much as a human kind.

Denisa x



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  1. Marek Volf says:

    The point is that there are much more kinds of intelligence. But we as people are manipulated to adore only one type… “logic inteligence”. But it doesn’t have anything with any other type… social intelligence, emotional intelligence, empathic intelligence, motion inteligence.

    In the fact, we are not the top of the food chain. We are absolutely out of the circle of life. We have to be perceived like some U.F.O. by other non-human animals. We take a lot from nature and don’t return even the small shit. Methaphorically and also literally. If you think about your purpose here without any romantics, then you find that highest mission of our species was to spread seeds of plants through our excrements. 😀 Now we flush them to oceans where they are creating dead zones.

    Now sorry for my naturalism… but if someone wants to fell reconnected with the nature, he or she should go out to the forest and take a dump. I quarantee that this single act will have the same enlightening effect as years of meditation or practicing yoga. 😀 😀 😀

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    1. Haha, that’s quite funny but I guess you’re right. The whole ‘shit thing’ is a problem, as I see it. Kundera writes about it in his Unbearable lightness of being and I totally adore the way he perceives this topic.

      How come that when se see an animal pooing, it’s normal, but when it comes to a person, it’s disgusting and it becomes a tabu? Kundera says it’s connected to the topic of Adam and Eva in the Bible. When Adam looked into the well, he couldn’t recognise himself – just the same as animals cannot. That, according to Kundera, means that Adam and Eva weren’t fully human – they still belonged to the nature, they were on the same level as animals and plants.

      But then they were punished and they had to go away from the garden (or whatever the place is called in English) and they were forced to live their lives in sin. Then they became what we are – creatures who despise themselves and so they cannot even look at their own shit.

      I’m not Christian and I’m not saying that Bible says the truth but it’s been the source of informations and faith for generations. Maybe it has influenced people in this way.

      Anyway, I really like this thought. And the whole book is awesome.


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