So, this article is going to be kind of an improvisation. Lately I’ve been feeling very emotional and sensitive. And I think it’s because my best friend is away (she’s studying in Scotland which we had been dreaming of since we were young) and because thanks to my summer spent in England, my view of the world became different.

And I just.. I wish I were older. I don’t want to be big-headed or something like that but I’ve always felt like I wasn’t really going along with people of my age. I’ve always been  friends with older people. And now many of them are away from this small town I live in because they went to universities. And my best friend made our dream come true and now it’s my turn to get to Scotland.

But I still have one year to go before I can even apply. I still have to write chemistry tests although it doesn’t mean anything to me. I still have to live in this small shitty town with no culture and no life because I have to finish high school.

And I guess what I want to say is that the educational system is just wrong and our society feels like a prison. It’s not letting us grow. People always tell me I have to earn lots of money, I have to make sure my children have place to live, I have to go to work and I have to obey authorities. And I just feel lost because in the next ten years I don’t want to do any of those things. I want to travel. Non-stop travel. And that can actually work, believe it or not, many people do it. And everyone around me just thinks I’m naive. Maybe I am. But I don’t care.

We only live once. I know, it’s a cliché, but it’s true. And many people don’t really realise that they’re actually gonna die so everything they do doesn’t really matter. I realise that very clearly and so I’m not afraid of flying to distant countries and experiencing dangerous situations. I don’t care about functining in society or about going to work. I just want to travel, write and do languages. And I just hope I’ll get some translator jobs which I can do from abroad because otherwise I’m not sure how to travel. But there’s always a way. There’s always a solution although it doesn’t seem like it.

I just don’t really understand why I should obey and have a boring life (like I have now) when I can have a life that’s worth it. And so if you’re reading this article, I just really want you to think about it. You’re going to die anyway. And your life doesn’t matter anyway. The world doesn’t care. So stop caring about what society wants and do what you want. Because money is not something that can make you happy. It can make you feel comfortable, yes, but never as happy as you would be if you did something you really love. And travelling can be very cheap. We just have to stop being so materialistic and start focusing on the things that do matter.

And what really bothers me is that although I know all these things and I can’t wait until I start making all my dreams come true, I still have to go to school and live in this boring town because I have to finish high school. I think the educational system should really stop focusing on age. I’m ready, for God’s sake. And I still have to be in this prison, dreaming about future.

But you’re maybe someone who has the chance to change their life. Your school is already behind you and now the world of possibilities is opened. I know this girl who didn’t enjoy her job and so she stopped doing it and she started travelling. She’s been travelling for five years now. It can happen. If you want something, do it. Simply do it.

Denisa x

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  1. Marek Volf says:

    Quite emotional article. You has to be really pissed of your situation. Don’t you? 😀
    I understand but I believe that this cage is made not only by the place you live in but mostly by mind.
    You e.g. mentioned this statement… “I just want to travel, write and do languages.”

    But think about it for a while…
    Travelling is the action to take from one place to another. Writing is a form of communication, language as well. If you look at these activities without romantism, they are basically more likely “tools” that enable something different. What are the topics that you would like to write about and why? What information you would like to translate and why?

    Does your emotions come more likely from your lack of excitement or from the honest interest to take an experience to serve to better world? If the second option is right, then what is the real obstacle to try to make better world in your actual place or age?

    Especially, if you tend to speech for the animals and nature… What is the real limitation to help in this case? To join some local NGOs and help them to spread message. Go out with them and spread some flyers, destroy illegal circus flyers or notify them to police, attend to demonstrations, or only meet people from this community.

    It’s great that you will go to study to Scotland. Great experience for you or maybe more. But there are still the same slaughter houses, diary farms etc. The suffering of animals is equal across whole world. So to be in your native country and town where you know every street, every shop where you can place the petition is definitely advantage. You simply have to start from scratch in new foreign country. So before you will go for your dreams come true, you have always space for self-realization here. Don’t you? 🙂


    My own experience was that I lived in small town (not so much shitty, only a little bit ;-)). Then i went to university in half-million city (Brno) and stayed there for a few years to work. I realized that I’m quite oversaturated by possibilities of big city that I don’t really need and don’t use, but still pay for them by expensive living cost. So I moved to really small shitty town of railwaymen (Česká Třebová), to keep access all corners of the country. And you would be surprised that if you have no expectations then you can be nicely surprised only. E.g. I found there better place for healthy vegan lunch than in whole Brno. But there are many more possibilities. Sometimes less means more. You only have to search.

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    1. Thank you, you’re definitely right… I just sometimes feel very desperate.


      1. Marek Volf says:

        You doesn’t really have to agree with all of my statements. But thank you so much.

        In the fact, I feel desperate too… sometimes. 😀 It’s quite funny. I ended in one job before 2 years, after long-time demotivation and “disturbing” by my personal activities finalized by volunteering in Indonesia. After my return from Green Life, I was fired. 😀 I felt so free, only pitty was that they didn’t announce it to me before my trip. I would stay there as long as possible. But instead of realizing my dreams, I postponed any big adventure due to plan to take tooth braces. So I made only smaller life change to move to smaller town, buy some lodge near nature which is actually happening now. Now I’m out of cage of fixed braces but still in cage of my job for year or two before I will be pissed of it again. Then I will go volunteering, anti-poaching or start some package-free shop or any crazy useful and zero-waste stuff, repairman of appliance… still don’t know 😀

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      2. Marek Volf says:

        And here is great motivating video on this topic…

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