Brighton is a lovely city in the southern England just half an hour from London. Some people call it the “Las Vegas of England”. I lived there for two months in the summer and now I’d like to point out some places which are definitely worth visiting or seeing.

  1. The Brighton Pier


I was so lucky that I lived just one minute from this great molo. There are many and many small shops with food and ice cream and inside of it you can find a big casino (my friend and I kind of fell in love with those machines in which you can win a teddy bear – we actually won three of them). When you go further, you can pay for some attractions that are placed at the end of the Brighton Pier. I wasn’t there because we decided to go to Thorpe park (a theme park near London – great, but the queues were so long we only got to enjoy two roallercoasters) but I’m sure it’s quite good. A ticket for the whole day will cost you about 20 pounds.

2. The Lanes


Brighton is very famous for its Lanes. There are two kinds of Lanes – one is on the right side of the North street (it’s the second main street) and one is on the left side. Let’s imagine you’re walking down the North street. And when you turn right into some of the smaller streets, you find yourself in a Diagon Alley. I’m serious! The streets are narrow and beautiful and I personally love it. I also prefer these Lanes to the other ones.

The other ones are also great, there are many cool shops and it’s always very crowded (and there’s also Komedia in which I worked the whole summer and I highly recommend it). These streets are more modern (not much, it’s still old but I’m just so into Harry Potter so these Lanes have no chance in comparassion with the older ones) and what is really great is that there are so many vintage shops. And that’s number three.

3. Vintage shops and Second hand shops


And it’s not just about clothes, as you can see. In Brighton there are so many shops with old books and even old vinyls for such a small price! I’ve seen vinyls for 50 p and books for 30 p. I’ve also found these shops where they sell vintage things like furniture and bottles and literally everything you can think about. It’s more like a junkyard than a shop. But I absolutely love it. If you’re a cliche lover and you always want the futile things you’re never gonna need, this is the perfect place for you. I recommend you to go to the Kemp town (walk down the North street, in the same direction continue to the Saint Jaimes’ street and then just keep walking and it will all come to you).

And second-hand shops. I love second hands and I’m sure I’m going to write an article about it later on but for now I’m just going to tell you that there are plenty of them. And those shops look so good that I actually thought they were normal boutiques until one friend of mine told me they were all second-hands. Very cheap prices, again, there are almost always books, purses, shoes and many many clothes. Good clothes. I bought myself this blue skirt in which everyone would look like a princess. Love, love, love it. My favourite second-hand is right in the North street, it’s called Oxfam shop and it’s next to the Poundland. And every second-shop in Brighton supports some charity!

4. The beach houses


Okay, so I always wanted to visit these beach houses. And when I got to Brighton, I just went as fastest I could, haha. They’re just lovely and you can just chill there, sit on the bench and look at the sea, read a book or talk and talk with your friend. I expected people to be there because these houses are so famous but there was actually almost nobody. I think it’s because it wasn’t the season yet but I will talk about that later.

It’s very easy to find this place. If you’re near the Brighton Pier, just keep walking near the beach in the direction of Hove (it’s on the other side than Marina – the seaport – and Kemp town). You get there in 10-15 minutes.

5. the Preston park


The place you’re just looking at is where my colleagues and I were having a summer staff party. Preston park is very big, very green and very great to hang out. It’s quiet there and you can play games in there, do sports or just lay on the grass and chill. I can’t really tell you how to get there because it’s about half an hour from the centre by foot and I don’t really remember the details of how I got there and back because I had someone else walking next to me, so he did all the work, haha. But you can take a bus. I don’t recommed taking buses in Brighton but this is just too far so it too easy to get lost.

6. the Seven Sisters


The Seven Sisters are beautiful. In the photo you can see me (in the princess skirt I was talking about earlier!) standing at the edge of a big cliff. It’s a long way up there but it’s absolutely worth it. You can see the seven cliffs all together and you can walk from one to another one (which I didn’t do, I was only on the first one). There’s a beautiful view, many cows and sheeps and a lot of wind. We were lucky to have such an amazing weather. (I went there a month later again with my parents and the weather was horrible, it was so windy I nearly flew away like a plastic bag, haha.)

And how to get there? It’s easy. Take a bus 12 (the final station is Eastbourne) which arrives at a bus stop in the North street (and many other streets but I find this easiest) and then sit in the bus for like 40 minutes. And when you hear “the Seven Sisters”, get off the bus. I also recommend buying tickets in the North street office because it costs you 5 pounds for the whole day (so you can go anywhere you want), while buying only a ticket to Seven Sisters costs about 6 pounds. ( I didn’t check, they only told me, so don’t believe me on 100%.)

Tips, opinions, experience

So, that would be all to the places I recommend. I’ve been told it’s also very nice to go to Eastbourne because there’s a castle and stuff. And the Seven Sisters is on the way, so why not try it, right? Let’s move to the other tips:

  • Thanks to the fact that Brighton is near London, you should definitely go there as well. London is a great city with lots of thing to see and do.
  • I recommend going there during the season. Really. I know, there are many people, but that’s very good. Trust me. Being there when the season still hasn’t come nearly killed me. There was literally nothing to do. My friend and I tried to go out to party but the whole town was dead. And then the season came and everything was alive and we had much more fun.
  • When you’re under 18, it sucks. Maybe that’s also a reason why it wasn’t so good out of the season. I’m seventeen so they didn’t let me anywhere. They’re very strict about this in Britain (which I’m not used to, in the Czech Republic nobody really cares). They didn’t even want to sell me screwdrivers in Poundland.
  • If you’re vegan, this is your heaven. Almost everywhere you go they have at least vegetarian options. And most likely they also have vegan food. I’ve been to this great vegan pizzeria called Purreza, it’s in the Saint James’ street and the food is delicious. The only problem is price because it’s a bit expensive. I also had a vegan ice cream in the left sided Lanes and it cost the same as a normal one. And there’s a great shop Infinity foods in the same street where you can find only bio and vegan food. As I said, heaven. Brighton is very, VERY good for this stuff. And I highly recommend going to the HOPE AND RUIN which is a pub situated on the main road (go straight from the train station). If you’re under 18, they don’t let you in after like 4 p.m. but you can go there to get some lunch. They have the best vegan kebab in the world.
  • Don’t take buses. At least don’t if you’re not going too far. It’s expensive and it’s so slow that you could be there by foot twice in that time. Really. The bus stops are designed so that the drivers can see from one stop to the other one and they’re almost always passing through the North street which takes ages because it’s so crowded. Brighton is a great place to go by foot and it’s so much faster.
  • If you’re expecting the big Brighton wheel to be there, don’t. It’s gone. They built a big glass tower instead. It’s awful.
  • And the last one, if you’re going there in the summer, stay and enjoy Pride! This year it was happening at the beginning of August and the main parties were taking place in our street, so we could go there for free. It was an unforgetable experience. And the Parade was just amazing. Everyone was so nice and everyone smiled that day. I really enjoyed it. It was the best celebration of love and peace I’ve ever been to.


Brighton is maybe a little bit too expensive but it’s absolutely worth visiting. And the weather was very good. I expected it to be much worse because, well, it’s England after all. But I actually felt more like in Italy than England. And I had never got as sunburnt as I got in there. I couldn’t move or lay or sit or touch literally anything for like five days.

Denisa x


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