In the last couple of years many young people started to find travelling intriguing. They prefer travelling to having a family, many of them focus on travelling more than on their own career. On the other hand, many people stay in their home countries for most of their lives. And I dare to say that the second group is still bigger. They don’t find travelling very important. And more than that, they’re scared. They’re afraid of unknown. Why would they go somewhere else if they can stay at home, at safety? And what’s my opinion?

The question: Should people travel?

The anwer: Yes. Travelling is very important for our own personal growth. I spent this summer in England, I had to work, I had to take care of myself, I had to make new friends, earn money, pay for the rent, pay for the food. I’m only seventeen years old and I had to do things that my friends from the Czech Republic don’t really have to care about. National insurance number, bank account and all those annoying things. And I’m very glad I did that.

Thanks to this experience, I can live on my own. I mean, it’s not important now because I’m still living with my parents, but I’m prepared for the adult life. Not fully, of course, but I know some things. And I’m not afraid of them, which all of my friends are. I also found new friends, I learnt some important duties like the duty to go to work although you really don’t want to – not because they would sack you, I’m sure they wouldn’t (if you don’t pretend to be sick every week), but because you need the money. You need the money to live. And so you decide to go there and you even want to stay there longer because more hours = more money. That’s not something school teaches you. They don’t pay you for going there. And you don’t need money to buy food. Parents do that. The funny thing is that sometimes you learn a lot while being a waitress and you learn nothing while going to school. But that’s another topic.

I had the possibility to see another culture. And I had to talk to people when I got lost and stuff. I couldn’t just hide in my corner and mind my own bussiness because I needed other people to help me.

Now, let’s concentrate on the importance of travelling in general, not just my experience.

The question: What is the importance of travelling?

The answer: If you travel, you get to know things. You get to know people. You see places that you only dreamed of before. And that’s very important. People who spend their whole life in one town tend to be very narrow-minded. Not all of them, but many. They don’t think about huge topics, they don’t care about politics or the environment or people from other countries. Because if you live in a small village in Czech Republic and all you care about is what you’re going to eat tonight and what your neighbor said about you, why on earth would you care about starving children in Asia? It’s too far away. And it’s so big that thinking about it just wrecks your day but doesn’t help anything. So you keep on feeding your ducks and complaining that the old lady across the street said you were a bitch and what the hell is her problem and you keep talking about it for the whole week. Because there’s nothing interesting in your life.

On the other hand, travelling is something completely else. If you get to know more people, you also get to know more opinions, more stories, your ability of thinking suddenly gets bigger without even realising it. You get to know more languages, places, cultures, food, you’re experienced. And you start to realise things that you didn’t even think you could wonder about. Things like equality. Things like freedom and goodness and friendliness. Tolerance. It’s like your sight suddenly improved, you can see further, you can see wider. And you also become more flexible, you stop asking for comfort all the time. Because you have to get used to the current conditions while travelling. (I mean the real travelling, not spending your holiday in a five star hotel where all you’re doing is sunbathing near the pool.) If you have to sleep on the ground, you sleep on the ground. And what’s the problem about that? The good thing is that you can sleep.

Do you see what I mean? You become less selfish. Less materialistic. More experienced. And maybe you finally feel like the life is worth living. You don’t need to gossip. You don’t need to talk about others’ problems all the time. Because everyone’s different and everyone has their own problems. So why would you care about some small rumors like that when there’s a world waiting to be explored?

So the conclusion would be that travelling is very important. Because it makes you happier than buying all the cars in the world. And what’s the most important, it makes you open-minded. And an open mind is something that people really lack, yet really need.

Denisa x


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  1. Marek Volf says:

    At the first, do you mean more likely “Backpacking” or “Work & Travel”?

    Yes, travelling pushes you to explore, learn, meet new people.

    But according to its real purpose… Is it crucial point for personal growth and happy life?
    Is travelling really necessary for all people across the world?
    Does it have a multiply effect to make world better place for living for all involved sides?

    Here is my point of view from the “DARK SIDE” of travelling industry. πŸ™‚

    Travelling itself (the global travelling) is privilegium of about 20% of world’s population, the richest part in which we Czechs belong too.

    (Global) travelling is not the primary need of people that live in a harmony with their local environment and nature. If they are not manipulated by media, they are surprisingly conciliated with their destiny of local living from local resources. And this is natural. On the opposite “global travelling” is highly unnatural. Yes, it can be really good experience for “global consumers” that would explore the affect of their lifestyle. But the fact is, that these individuals would never go to travel or they would choose some consumer-shitty-kind-of-tourism. Not some eco-tourism, volunteering etc.

    So what if everyone in the planet would go to travel? Would we live in the peaceful world? Maybe. But more probable scenario would be an ecological disaster or another kind of disaster. Great example of social disaster is sex tourism in Thailand or in Indonesia

    So in the end, you should have to be lucky that you are one of a few that would like to travel. Because it makes travelling possible for you. But in any case, you doesn’t seem to me that you are a person who needs to go across the world to find yourself.

    There are definitely lots of activities that people can do everytime and everywhere without compromises, with almost no money needed. And these activities have only positive effects… even it’s local effect only.

    (Global) travelling is great. But for me, it is still quite controversial to rate it so high.

    Anyway, I’m not so bigot as my previous text could look like. I have also travelling dreams too, one of them is Bhutan, the most amazing country in the world because their economic system is based on sustainability, not on infinite financial growth. Bhutan is the exact case of country where they are aware of disaster of tourism, so it is nearly impossible to get there for your own or for a few bucks. It’s possible mainly via volunteer program.

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    1. I agree with you, I’ve changed my opinion since I wrote this article and now I really understand what you’re saying.

      People don’t need to travel in order to grow – I’m just lucky enough to be able to do so.

      Bhutan sounds reaally interesting!!

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      1. Marek Volf says:

        Bhutan rules! πŸ˜€

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