Hello everyone!

So, I’ve decided to create a blog. I had many blogs when I was younger but they were all one big disaster and I always stopped bloging after a while. I hope this one will turn up to be something else, haha!

I wasn’t very sure if I wanted to do this because of all the failures with my previous experiments but then, why not, right? I’ve always felt this need to share my thoughts with other people and this is the best way to do it. Writing a book is a very long process and you can only write like one hundred letters on twitter, haha. But blog? That’s like your own big world full of possibilities.

I’m from the Czech Republic so pardon me if I make any accidental mistakes while writing. I guess I could tell you some main facts about me, so here they are:

I am seventeen years old. I attend high school and I still have two more years to go (sad face). After that I really want to study in Scotland (hopefully everything will go well and I will get there) and I’d like my degree to be French & Italian. I’m a huge fan of travelling, although I haven’t travelled much so far because I’m too young, I attend theatre classes and I love writing, books, deep thoughts and culture. And I’m obssesed with endings. (I don’t know why, I guess I’m just weird but they really mean A LOT to me).

I guess I already know what my first post will be about, so yeah! I’m full of ideas. And hope. And food because I’ve just had the best vegan pancakes ever and I’ve eaten a little bit too much. Ugh.

Denisa x

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